Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode 3: Craigslist Adventures Part Deux

Last night started part 2 of the experiment. I quickly discovered that this was either the best idea I’ve ever had, or quite possibly the worst. Only time will tell.

After deciding that men that post personal ads on craigslist are expecting the girl to be the aggressor, I’ve figured out that quite possibly this was not the route to go. So I abandoned The Baker and decided I should post an ad of my own. Then I’ll be able to sit back, and make them do most of the work. Make them come to me. Smart girl.

So after posting the ad, I abandon my computer and decide to watch an episode of whatever crap is running on E! at that hour. It’s like Denise Richards or something with vibrators which reminds me I need to buy batteries. I go back to check my email (no more than 20 minutes later) and I have an onslaught of emails. I am suddenly very, very popular. More so than I was in high school.

So after weeding through the various emails, ranging from bad, (“Hi my name is Joe. I’m an actor. Send me a picture cause I need to be physically attracted to you.”) to the really bad, (“Call me. I love eating pussy. 555-555-5555.”) to maybe reasonable (“You seem really funny and smart… meet for drinks?”)

In the end, I narrowed about 25 down to 3…

The cutest guy, who shall be referred to as “The Friend,” seemed to be a genuinely good match personality wise. He shares similar interests and seems to think I’m funny. I approve. However, I begin to realize that maybe The Friend and I are stuck in “just friends” mode. Things don’t become flirtatious and I’m finding him to appear as my confidant… he’s basically getting all of the back-information about what’s going on, and I fear we’ll never get beyond that point. He even described to me a recent situation where he tried craiglist, and the girl became his best friend instead of a girlfriend. I mean, it’s nice to have friends, but I don’t really need many more dude friends. I’m not sure what to do.

Then there’s “The Uncle” (who after tonight may become “The Creepy Uncle”.) I’ve agreed to meet this guy for drinks, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. In fact, I’m honestly incredibly uncomfortable with it and I’m not sure if I want to go at all. The reason he’s called “The Uncle” is because he is old enough to be; he’s 13 years older than me. (Parents would not approve. Well, parents would not approve of this entire experiment.) I suppose there’s no harm in meeting him for a drink to see if there’s sparks, and I suppose I can be really honest (“Sorry. I just don’t feel a connection.”) or whatever and see where it goes. The Friend’s stance is that I should ditch him and go hang out with him, or he should be my wingman. Great. So my new best friend has already agreed to be my wingman on my blind dates. Sigh.

Then the third guy I haven’t really been able to define yet. He seems like a well rounded nice guy. I don’t even have a secret nickname for him yet. We’ll see if he works his way up on the leader board.

I’m just feeling slightly terrified about this whole thing and hope I don’t end up raped or murdered later tonight. I’m going to a bar I know (so I know all the emergency exits) but I hope I don’t run into anyone I know. Whoops. We’ll see how this goes.

I have a lot of work to do this week, and probably not enough time to date. I’ve clearly over-extended myself. Wah wah.

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